Global Inventory Control Systems Great Benefits:

Great savings in production down time and emergency shipping costs because of the visibility
of supplier dispatched at any point budgeted, quoted and actual values can be reported by Rig,
Warehouse or Project.

Purchase/Service order creation against set budgets adds to the historic inventory and value
in each location Purchase/Service Order items are transmitted to the Internet at regular
intervals allowing the Country or Location Manager to view every item, sorted by PO reference
supplier ex works dispatch date, delivery status, sent en route to warehouse for repair, delivered

Suppliers can grant permissions to access Purchase Orders online confirming order status and
compliance to ex-works dispatch date.

Tools and Equipment are referenced and reported for each Rig, Well, Warehouse, in transit etc.
Progress of each item in the supply chain is monitored and all interested parties can view the
status online, in addition, progress emails or SMS messages are sent automatically as
information is received. All item descriptions are saved in a master database and can be
allocated to any new project at a later date. ...Back

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