Global Inventory Control Systems Key Features:

The entire project inventory is entered into WELLSTOCK. Items can be listed and grouped as Tool,
Consumables, Chemicals, etc. Categories are made up as required. Shipping charges can be shown
and reported as a Monetary Valued item. All item details are transmitted to the internet tracking
screen showing expected dispatch, delivery dates and continually updated during its progress along
the supply chain until final delivery.

Each Purchase Order item can show final destination information. e.g. Rig, Well, Yard or Warehouse.
Tools or Equipment can be sent for inspection/repair and expected return date and cost logged.
History of Tools or Equipment usage is recorded and reported. Over due delivery or receipt of items
is flagged.

Management reports, both local and online, can be built to show aspects of all information held by
the system. Including for example the delivery and price adherence performance of each supplier.
Online and in-house authorised parties can view goods movement, goods status and notes.

The Global Principle can log on and select which project to be shown, monitor all activities and add
comments to each as required. Each Project Manager has access to his relevant data. The Logistics
Manager needs to only enter details once, populating all documents and advising all parties. Data
changes can be sent as an e-mail or SMS message to registered parties automatically. ...Back

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