Facilities Included Continued:

Tabs are created to your specification showing online, between 5 and almost
unlimited (at present the most is 96) columns. This facility avoids scrolling for
many users. Authorised parties have password controlled access to the screen.
Allowing each to add or edit certain fields e.g. the principle will enter his
orders, the supplier could add when completion and shipment can be expected,
the shipping agent can add when sailed or flown, MAWB or BOL references, seal
numbers etc. and the receiving agent can confirm receipt, duty paid and when
delivered. An agent can logon and only view data relevant to them.

Photographs and Drawings can be held in the database against every line of goods.

Regular repeat address and contact details can be held online in the SQL database.

Incremental changes can be e-mailed automatically to pre registered parties as
and when required. Data can be up/downloaded into any 895 Group
products or almost any third party system subject to the authors co-operation.

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